Abell 21 Medusa nébula en SHOrgb

sh2-132 Nebuleuse du Lion


Sh2-132est une grande nébuleuse en émission visible dans la constellation de Céphée.

Elle est située sur le bord sud de la constellation, à une courte distance de la frontière avec le Lézard, le long de la Voie lactée.

SH2-132, also known as The Lion Nebula, is a rich HII region with star clusters, emission nebulae, and dark dust regions. Located in the southern portion of the constellation Cepheus, the Lion Nebula is roughly 10,00 light-years away in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

This is primarily an emission nebula with some massive stars responsible for ionizing the gas in this region. In particular, two Wolf-Rayet stars have been identified - with the designation HD 211564 and HD 211853.

Wolf-Rayet stars are huge and hot and have a white-blue coloration. These stars are at least 20 times more massive than our Sun and can be hundreds of thousands or even millions of times brighter! In addition, they tend to be eruptive and possess extremely high solar winds.

This whole region is believed to be an area of new star formation

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