ngc 7380 The wizard nebulae

dans la constellation  de Céphée

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Télescope Astrosib 360mm 14"

Monture Astrophysics AP1600 AE (encodeurs absolus)

Caméra   Moravian G4 16003      poses de 15mn à -30°C

The Skyx pro+ Pixinsight

Filtres Ha=3nm + SII=3nm +OIII=3nm 

Prise de vue:Ha=16h + SII=9h15 + OIII=10h15  soit 35h30mn

Date de prise de vue: du 28/09/15 au 16/10/15

Lieu: à Bègles (Gironde) coupole dans mon jardin

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Présentation(source Wikipédia)

NGC 7380, ou nébuleuse du Sorcier, est un amas ouvert situé à environ 8 000 années-lumière de la Terre dans la constellation de Céphée1. Découvert par Caroline Herschel en 1787, l'amas s'étend sur environ 100 années-lumière1.

L'amas est entouré par la nébuleuse du Sorcier

NGC 7380 (also known as the Wizard Nebula) is an open cluster discovered by Caroline Herschel in 1787. William Herschel included his sister's discovery in his catalog, and labelled it H VIII.77. It is also known as 142 in the 1959 Sharpless catalog (Sh2-142). This reasonably large nebula is located in Cepheus. It is extremely difficult to observe visually, usually requiring very dark skies and an O-III filter.

Located 7200 light years away, the Wizard nebula, surrounds developing open star cluster NGC 7380. Visually, the interplay of stars, gas, and dust has created a shape that appears to some like a fictional medieval sorcerer. The active star forming region spans 100 about light years, making it appear larger than the angular extent of the Moon. The Wizard Nebula can be located with a small telescope toward the constellation of the King of Aethiopia (Cepheus). Although the nebula may last only a few million years, some of the stars being formed may outlive our Sun.

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