ngc 891

ngc 891

ngc 891 galaxie spirale

Constellation d'Andromède

APOD GRAG du 24-10-2020

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Présentation(source Wikipédia) 

NGC 891 est le prototype même des galaxies vues par la tranche, et le plan médian est ici traversé par une épaisse bande de poussière qui semble fendre la galaxie en deux parties symétriques. Malgré une magnitude apparente de 10,1, la faible luminosité surfacique de cette galaxie, due au masquage du noyau galactique par la bande d'absorption, la rend relativement difficile à observe

NGC 891 looks as the Milky Way would look like when viewed edge-on (some astronomers have even noted how similar to NGC 891 our galaxy looks as seen from the Southern Hemisphere) and, in fact, both galaxies are considered very similar in terms of luminosity and size; studies of the dynamics of its molecular hydrogen have also proven the likely presence of a central bar. Despite this, recent high-resolution images of its dusty disk show unusual filamentary patterns. These patterns are extending into the halo of the galaxy, away from its galactic disk. Scientists presume that supernova explosions caused this interstellar dust to be thrown out of the galactic disk toward the halo

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